You Can Get Rid of Your Toothache in Just a Few Seconds – Put These Ingredients in Your Mouth!

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You Can Get Rid of Your Toothache in Just a Few Seconds – Put These Ingredients in Your Mouth!


Tooth pain and aches are more likely to be experienced when the tooth nerve is irritated.

There are many things that can cause an irritation to the tooth nerve:

Dental decay
Loss of a tooth
Unhealthy and cracked teeth
Any kind of gum disease
Obstructive sleep apnea
Fillings that are failing or leaking
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders
Fillings or crowns that are poorly placed
Dental infection
You will not be able to get a properrest if you experience the discomforting pain. Besides that, it will prevent you from eating. All of this will have a horrible effect on your overall health.

You will have to see your dentist if you have toothaches. However, sometimes you may experience the horrible pain at odd times when it is difficult or even impossible to visit your dentist.

This situation is pretty understandable. That is why you need to know what to do if you find yourself in this type of a situation.

There are many simple and natural remedies that can bring you positive results and help you relieve the discomforting pain.

You can try this simple and natural remedy at your home today.


You will need:

½ teaspoon of garlic clove powder
½ tablespoon of coconut oil
Why are these ingredients very important?

Eugenol is a compound that can be found in the garlic clove powder. It is important to mention that this compound is an effective analgesic. The antimicrobial properties of the coconut oil are also of a great importance.

Preparation and Administration

The first thing you need to do is to get a glass cup.
Mix both of the ingredients. Stop mixing the garlic clove powder and the coconut oil when you receive a thick paste.
Put this thick paste on your toothbrush. Apply it on your hurting tooth.
For greater results you will need to repeat this procedure thrice a day.


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